Welcome to IGCA 2023 in Italy

Welcome to IGCA 2023 in Italy

Welcome to IGCA 2023 in Italy

About IGCA

IGCA 2023 in short

For the Italian edition of the IGCA 2023 International Congress we took inspiration from the title of the homonymous film by Paolo Sorrentino, winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards in 2014. Isn’t it true that, when you think about Italy you immediately think about beauty? It is a unique beauty not only made of art, culture or breathtaking landscapes but also characterized by tech companies, innovation and creativity… without forgetting the beauty and quality of our food! Let yourself be surprised: come discover this beauty! Nothing will ever be the same again.

“And how could you not love Italy? I believe that every human being has 2 Homelands: the first and closest one is the Motherland, the other is Italy”

Henryk Sienkiewicz

“Italy Is To Be Considered The First Country In The World Where Culture Was Born Earlier Than The Nation Itself. There Is No Other Place On Earth”

Roberto Benigni

The Beautiful regions in Italy

IGCA CONGRESS 2023 – ITALY (24-30 September)


Enjoy the beauty of Italy


Via Sommacampagna n. 63/d 37137 Verona (VR) – Italy

+39 031.301037


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    For young(er) delegates (<40), we host an informal Sunday afternoon session to meet each other. Do you like to join this session?*
    Next Generation Study Tour (inc. Meet and Greet Activity Sunday afternoon)
    This tour is only open to delegates between the ages of 18-40. It is a learning experience to encourage the younger generation into the garden retail industry and to connect new networks and contacts from delegates all around the world. Active participation is essential. This tour also includes a bonus Sunday afternoon ‘Meet and Greet’ activity and Business Forum discussion before the official opening of the congress on Sunday evening. Get to know your peers by participating and sharing information about your garden centre, work experiences, successes, challenges and what you hope to learn during the Congress with other delegates during this forum and active discussions on the bus during the tour.

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    There are daily topics that will be discussed on the buses throughout the course of the week. Delegates are expected to participate in discussions, to share information and ideas about their businesses and conduct garden centre reviews with feedback to best gain the most of this experience.
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    This is a leisure tour where no formal engagement or discussions are organised for buses.

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